What a paternity test means for both parents

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An exciting time in anyone’s life, the birth of a child can be both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because you have a new child, apart from you in another person. It can be a harrowing experience because of the difficulties that accompany childbirth. It is important that both parents are committed to the child. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, the father will freak out, so a paternity test should be done.

Paternity tests are ways to verify that the said parents of the child are the actual parents. Most of the time it is because the father does not want to have to take care of the child, either for economic reasons or because he is not prepared for it. The paternity test will verify your relationship to the child and is accurate about 99% of the time.

Obtaining the father’s DNA can be a complicated job. However, avoiding it is not an option for him. If he refuses a paternity test, he can be jailed for a certain amount of time. They will get DNA from him using a buccal swab, where they use a cotton swab to rub the inside of his cheek. This will get the father’s DNA harmlessly. Getting the boy’s DNA will be more complicated.

If you want the DNA before birth, it will be a little more complicated. The procedure has been refined so that there is no chance of injury to the child. The doctor takes a needle and inserts it into the womb and from there extracts some cells. These cells contain the child’s DNA and will be used in the test.

Once the DNA is taken from both the father and the child, it is sent to a laboratory. The laboratory will analyze the DNA and in 48 hours will deliver the result to the parents. These can be some of the hardest 48 hours in both parents’ lives, as it should be. The results will permanently change the lives of 3 people, and one person is not necessarily born yet.

Once the results come in and it has been determined that the father is indeed the father, it is time for you to take some responsibility. Most of the time, after the father has been determined, they will want to take an active role in their child’s life. They will want to be there for their first play recital, first word and other firsts in the child’s life. This will make it easier for both mother and child, giving them time to relax and enjoy their life outside of the family.

If the father does not want to be a part of the child’s life, there are still rules that he must follow. He must pay child support to the family so that the entire financial burden does not fall on the wife. His income will be a stipend so there is enough to pay for the boy’s food and education. In the end it will be better for the child.

Determination of the child’s parents is necessary for everyone involved. The child will have a better life because he will have two people taking care of him. Parents will feel better about the child and will give him all the opportunities they can. Family dynamics will be better for everyone involved. Being a parent is a big responsibility, but it is your duty to give your child the best life possible.

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