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5. Final Fantasy 10 This was the first Final Fantasy title to be released on PlayStation 2. We have n

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Earlier today, I found myself unrealistically frustrated that I couldn’t get a copy of The Elde

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Well, it has happened. We finally got another Grand Theft Auto after almost six years of waiting. The

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Wii games for kids are among the best-selling kids’ items this year and are sure to be a hit du

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Janu and I were schoolmates. It’s a shame to call it school. A thatched roof shed, dripping fro

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As an esthetician, his clientele included 100% of his income. You survive only on appointments and pr

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Focusing on the Beast Mastery talent tree is considered a good idea for leveling up and general shred

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A handsome young man in his 20s embarks on a magical adventure at sea. It was his first time, so he w

Alcoholism: causes and treatments

The term alcohol comes from the Arabic ‘al kuhl’, which means fine powder of antimony or

Elo Boosting – Explained in a simple and understandable way

League of Legends: the game full of terminologies, from the smurfing and ganking bot; sometimes it is