Cougar Definition: Are You A Cougar?

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What is the definition of cougar? Is there a definition of ‘royal cougar’? What is the criteria for a cougar?

On Wikipedia, the term “Cougar” is considered slang for age disparity in sexual relations. According to Wikipedia, a “cougar” is “a woman, 35 years or older, who pursues younger men, usually eight years her junior.” The Wikipedia reference comes from

The origin of the word is debated; it is rumored to have started as a Canadian catchphrase given to certain older women. These women tended to gravitate to and mingle with younger men. Apparently a group of men labeled these particular women ‘cougars’ and the rest is history.

Originally, the term meant and was associated with older women probing young men for casual relationships. However, since its inception there has been a lot of attention and debate about what the word and the subject actually mean.

Around 2003, when the word began to spread, most people frowned. Most associated ‘cougar’ with provocative and promiscuous women who lacked self-respect and maturity. The intention of the women was to seduce young men for sexual encounters. However, the meaning has evolved and today it begins to mean almost the exact opposite.

“The term Real Cougar Woman was coined by Linda Franklin of Linda says, “Real cougars aren’t defined by a band on their finger, it’s all about their attitude. She is a woman who is constantly looking for new opportunities and knows how to get what she wants.”

Linda also emphasizes that not all ‘cougar relationships’ mean that the woman has to be older than the man. According to Linda, to be a Cougar is really about a certain way of thinking and how you see things. Linda closes by saying that. “Real Cougars are changing social and business norms everywhere and are the new role model for women.”

One thing for sure is that the cougar theme has become very popular and renowned in the social and relationship arena. Hollywood celebrants like Demi Moore, Madonna and Courtney Cox have made Cougar culture a major theme. Movies, TV shows, dating sites, and social networking communities have been springing up everywhere.

Most Hollywood celebrities have set the standard for what it means to be a cougar. However, how you define cougar really depends on the person who has a ‘cougar mentality’. Real cougar women will tell you that it’s all about youth and attitude. As the Cougar community expands and gains popularity, its definitions and culture will most likely become a much larger topic than it is today.

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