2 things that can make a big difference to your eBay business

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Do you want your eBay business to be profitable? LOL of course you are, so why aren’t you having the success you’re looking for? Chances are you’re doing something that doesn’t align with what you should be doing to make more money on your eBay business. But if this is the case, then you don’t have to worry… I’m here to help you.

In today’s lesson, I want to give you some tips and techniques that you can use to be successful on the lucrative site called “eBay”. These tips and techniques are simple and easy to do, and you’ll find that they are things that can be easily applied to you, no matter what you sell. This is the first tip to sell successfully on eBay:

1) Drive traffic from OUTSIDE of eBay

If you want more “eyes” for your auctions, don’t rely solely on eBay traffic. Generate traffic from sources outside of eBay and you’ll see a lot more activity and offers (or instant payments) for your products. This is something I did a lot when I used to sell on eBay, and it paid off every time I did it.

Don’t get me wrong… eBay traffic is good, VERY good. They get millions of visitors every day, and all of these people are looking to buy something. The problem is something called “competitors”. It seems like wherever you go online the competitors will always be there LOL.

So while you may have a great article, you will also have competitors who have good products as well. So you will have to compete with them. But drive traffic to your auctions from outside of eBay and you can get your items selling faster than normal, despite your competitors. Here’s another tip:

2) Make sure you have a clear and good quality image

The last thing you want is for an eBay user to come across your auction and see poor pictures of the products you’re selling. Do yourself a favor… don’t use a webcam or your cell phone to take pictures of your products. Get a really good digital camera from Walmart and use it to take high-quality pictures of your products.

This is something that can make the difference between a sale and a no sale. You really have to give importance to this, because if your images look sloppy and unprofessional… it will affect the number of people who will buy from you. Like I said, it’s not expensive to get a good digital camera. So the sooner you can get one, the sooner you can start seeing better results in your auctions.

These 2 tips are things that can make a difference in an eBay business. With eBay, you don’t have to know anything about building a website or any kind of technical knowledge. I’ve seen people with the MOST BASIC auctions sell $200+ products. And when I say “basic”, I mean a basic paragraph, and their products sell like hot cakes.

But implement these 2 techniques today, and you can count on them producing the results you’re looking for.

Good luck with the eBay sale.

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