Write the Yoast Style for Online SEO Success

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Write your style on your blog and you’ll learn the key components of popular SEO writing results that work wherever you write.

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress. If you don’t have it, you can ask your webmaster to add it to their WordPress blog. If you have it, follow the instructions below to learn how to best use it.

1 – Keyword Phrase

Use your keyword phrase as the first 3-5 words in your title, in a secondary heading (heading 2), and as an alternative text for a graphic that you use in your article. If possible, also use the same words as anchor text for a link that you place in the content.

2 – Edit meta description snippet

Edit the snippet in the most recent file box, adding around 20 words using your keyword phrase in the snippet. This is an important part of helping others find your article online.

3 – Write 300 words or more

If you don’t have more than three hundred words to say on a certain topic, it’s probably not worth the effort, because that’s the minimum number of words you need. And they should be value-driven words. Don’t be lazy. Add real content and make sure they add value to your site.

4 – Use short sentences

Yes, I know. I can’t do this, even if they force me … But I try. So, because the program requires it. I am learning to shorten my sentences. Sometimes weird methods are used to CUT the length of a sentence.

5 – keep it simple and stupid

Okay, that word may not be nice, according to my granddaughter, but it’s a word. Furthermore, it is a beginning. Use it. The beginning, not the word.

6 – Use transition words

Yes, this one also drives me crazy. But it is a requirement. Yoast wants at least 30% of your sentences to have a transition word, because they say so. Words like: and, first, finally, further, because, since, therefore, equal, less, still, opposite, consequently, more remarkable, above all, especially, and relevant. If you don’t use these words, it will quickly become superfluous, in yoast’s eyes. Just do it.

7 – Write in active voice

This is important. It makes the article easier to read and gives it more impact. Shorter sentences also help with readability and voice, because it doesn’t overwrite your thoughts.

Keep your sentences under 20 words each; this is also a requirement. And do this!

If you find that you can’t, hire a content writer. It is well worth the money!

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