Why is it important to winterize your car?

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Winterizing your car means you are preparing it for the coldest winter weather that can bring sleet, snow, ice, hail, and freezing temperatures. As almost any Canadian can attest, winter weather can be pretty harsh on a car. Not only may your engine require special attention to purr in sub-zero temperatures, but the exterior of your car can take a beating as well.

Preparing your car for winter is important because it means that you are preparing your car for whatever the winter conditions may throw at you. Ideally, a winterized car will have the right fluids to keep running in all weather conditions, as well as the right mechanics to get you through those icy hills and through town without damaging your car or your passengers.

What are some of the things we will look at when it comes time to winterize your car?


We will make sure all your fluids are full, including antifreeze and oil. The antifreeze will help prevent the engine and systems from freezing as temperatures get colder. Your oil must also be clean and meet your car’s oil requirements to run smoothly through the engine at optimal levels. Did you know that you may need to use different oils at different temperatures? Don’t worry, we will check it for you.


Have you ever been roaring down the highway at high speed when you suddenly came across a patch of black ice? If so, then you know how dangerous and often deadly black ice can be for drivers. While having the right tires will not prevent you from hitting an ice patch, the correct tires can make it easier for you to control your vehicle while sliding on the ice. We will check your tires, as well as the pressure and alignment of your tires to make sure they are ready for anything.

Contact us today to learn more about the many ways we can help you winterize your car. Winterizing your car is not only recommended for drivers in Canada, it can save your life as well.

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