Top 5 Southern rappers of all time

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New York City, as we know it, is known for being the mother and father of hip-hop. But if you take a deep look into the eyes of the South, it’s indisputable that some of the best rappers that ever lived hail from the South. Here are the top five redneck rappers of all time in no particular order. This list is judged on impact on hip hop culture, lyrical skills, quality and content, influence on its respected regions, consistency, substance and main ingredient, number of classic albums the hip hop has made. artist.

This is what occurred to me…

1. Scarface – Without a doubt, who can deny that Mr. Scarface is #1 on this list. He is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. He is by far the best of the South period. From the 1980s to the 1990s he recorded several classic albums with the Geto Boys group; and in 1991 as a solo artist he made his first classic album “Mr. Scarface is Back”. His ability to tell stories is nothing short of a poet. He has collaborated with the late great Tupac Shakur, Nas, Jay Z, Bun B, Ice Cube and KRS-One. With a Grammy Award and seven classic albums under his belt out of eleven, he very much deserves to be #1 on this list.

2. Andre 3000 – One of the most incredible and underrated MC’s to ever breathe into a microphone. He is the rapper that everyone wants to collaborate with. In the 2009 issue of Vibe magazine, Eminem was quoted as saying that Andre 3000 is the best rapper and Mr. Shawn Carter (Jay Z) himself calls Andre 3000 a genius. He with movies, multiple Grammy Awards and multiple platinum plates on his resume. There’s no denying his impact on the rap game itself as it pertains to the South.

3. Bun B – This Bun B rap line “It’s the, big Southern rap phasor” was by far the best rap line on Jay Z’s hit single “Big Pimpin off of Vol.3 The Life and Times of S. Carter A half member of UGK (rest in peace Pimp C) Bun B has always been sick with the lyrical flow.Great rappers like TI, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy have recognized Bun B as one of the greats.

4. Lil Wayne – Arguably the hardest working rapper since the late great Tupac Shakur, no rapper at such a young age (except for Tupac) has released more material and been more consistent than Mr. Carter himself (Lil Wayne). Wayne). The self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive has been churning out hits since the late ’90s with the group “Hot Boyz” and has won multiple Grammy Awards as a solo artist. And last but not least, Lil Wayne has continued to amaze us with his nonstop work ethic and superior rap skills as an artist.

5. TI – The self-proclaimed King of the South has been fighting for the respect of hip hop fans and his peers since he first burst onto the scene in 2001 with his regional hit single “I’m Serious” with the sensation from Reggae Beanie Man. on Ghetto Vision Records. Since then, his resume has been nothing less than a work of art. From multi-platinum plaques to Grammy Awards to movies, TI has fought hard to establish himself as one of the best southern rappers the South has ever produced. Even though many people disagree with the claim of him as the King of the South. There’s no denying that TI has fought hard to establish itself as one of the greats.

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