T Harv Eker – The Millionaire Mind – Review

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T. Harv Eker is one of the most celebrated writers of the modern era, who has carved a niche for himself writing and preparing training methods to achieve success.

Using the principle of self-growth, T. Harv Eker became a millionaire in two and a half years. His parents were European and he grew up in Toronto, Ontario, but he came to North America and spent his adult life here. He has a personality that portrays the unique combination of “street smarts with heart”. He teaches ways to be successful and is the President and Founder of “Peak Potential Training” which is based in North America and is considered one of the fastest training companies teaching how to be successful. T. Harve Eker’s writing portrays a style that is high-energy and to the point, leaving readers simply spellbound. Eker believes that talking is a waste of time and with his writing, especially in the book “The Millionaire Mind”, he proves it. He has the ability to make people think and act to achieve real success in the real world.

T. Harv Eker is well known for his intense writing on some of the best selling books like Speed ​​Wealth and The Millionaire Mind. In addition to writing books, he has developed several highly acclaimed training courses, including Life Directions, Train the Trainer, Millionaire Mind Intensive, and Wizard Training. You will be excited to know that he is the trainer and producer of Enlightened Warrior which is a world famous training module.

When his parents came to America, they only had thirty dollars in their boat, so it’s pretty clear that he didn’t have enough money early in his childhood. So he started working at the age of thirteen delivering newspapers, sunscreen, serving ice cream and selling novelties. He attended York University for about a year and then made the decision to pursue his dream of becoming a successful millionaire. In his adult stage he started with a variety of jobs and businesses and finally after all these years of difficulties and frustrations he finally achieved his dream of becoming a millionaire when he started his own chain of fitness retail stores and sold a part of it to a corporation. multinational. But, fate had a different plan for him in the future because due to some bad investment strategies he lost quite a lot and this made him develop strategies and plans to help others to dream big and get rich. Today, his training and plans have helped people turn their dreams into reality.

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