Recent Life Lessons and Blind America

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What Hate and Violence Have Taught Me Recently

Open my mind and my eyes wider

Be more cautious with my humor.

Be more fragile with my words

No matter who and what people they may be

Everyone is in this world

for a good or bad reason

Have more compassion for people.

Make the world a brighter place

Never be ashamed of yourself for being too sensitive.

Your feelings matter to a certain extent.

question my equality

your freedom is important

Think the US is still standing –

For freedom and justice for all

Be the one who is stronger than the enemy.

By not letting the one thing you fear –

Overcome and consume your identity

Don’t hold back your feelings

As long as they are expressed correctly.

Do not act on your darkest desires.

The repercussions will not be kind.

Think about happiness and goodness.

Good fortune will come your way

Don’t be afraid to cry

It is your tears that purify the water

When a country is too blind to see

People tormented by their skin color.

A controversial president running the country –

Leading the way deeper and deeper into turmoil

Making choices and decisions

that are affecting the future

That they are morally and ethically wrong

Violence anywhere and everywhere

Broken bones and bloodshed

inappropriate use of weapons

Manipulate people’s beliefs and views.

Thinking that the United States is much more dominant and superior

than any other country in the world

When all the politicians want power

To boost his ego even more

Taxes are getting scandalous

absurd grocery prices

When Democrats and Republicans Can’t Agree

On important issues that are faced on a daily basis.

Equal rights –

I respect blacks

Dignity for people with developmental disabilities

Acceptance of transgender people

Pride for gay people

Freedom, can you hear my cry for mercy?

The glory days of rock music popularity are gone

Make anti-government moves

That they are unjustified and unpatriotic.

The economy in shambles

The 2016 Presidential Candidates Who Were Absolutely Ridiculous

The government more corrupt than ever

When truth and justice are getting harder to come by

illegal policemen –

What happened to serve and protect?

The decline in respect

lack of compassion

What makes people happy

What makes people sad

Children committing shameful crimes

Adults committing heinous crimes

Friendship is not taken for granted

Families falling apart

love being silenced

Now freedom, can you hear my cry for mercy?

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