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Christmas Olympics! Let the games begin

Our daughter Shanna believed in Santa until she was 9 years old. It seemed to represent everything re

Chilika – The largest brackish water lake

Orissa is a beautiful coastal state in eastern India. It has unique and valuable tourist resources. F

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Do you gain weight fast? For a world obsessed with weight loss, this may seem like an odd goal. But t

Rule against perpetuities

The “rule against perpetuities” is often described as one of the most complicated legal r

Meditation for those who like it simple

Although I practice meditation on a regular basis, I myself am no stranger to the endless chatter of

Normal llama and alpaca vital signs and physical examination parameters

– Heart rate: 60-90 BPM, detected by listening (auscultating) with a stethoscope in the area wi

5 mistakes to avoid when building your custom home

A custom home is different from a resale home or a spec home. In fact, it is you who will design the

Create your own Android apps for free

When we talk about the phone, Android instantly comes to mind, and we know that the Android platform

Charter away from the Preakness

The Kentucky Derby is in the books. One horse won and is now the favorite (normally) in the second ra

Eco tourism in Tulum

Tulum is simply the jewel of the Riviera Maya corridor. It is a paradise for divers. Underground rive