My Truck Hack: Chevrolet Silverado performance adds up to increase horsepower and fuel economy

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Despite rising gas prices, trucks and SUVs are still among the best-selling and most profitable cars available. And secondly, the aftermarket community is so profitable as most owners are looking for the right mix of customization and performance to further differentiate themselves from the crowd. That’s what makes customizing a new or used truck an unforgettable experience. The good news is that most aftermarket add-ons are readily available and require little effort to install with simple hand tools and a couple of hours of your time. I’m going to go over a short list of some of the most popular and inexpensive performance accessories to make that truck more powerful, more economical, and have a higher satisfaction value.

One of the easiest and most affordable add-ons is, of course, a high-flow air filter. Not only will this allow the truck’s engine to breathe more efficiently, it will also give you a part that is reusable. In the long run, this will save the enthusiast maintenance costs and give the driver an increase in fuel economy of 1-3 mpg on average. In addition, manufacturers like K&N and Airaid have a wide selection of air filters to choose from for any make and model of car, these retail for just $ 35-55 and the benefits will be exceeded in a matter of months. I would also recommend fuel injection intake kits if money is not an issue, again these install in under 45 minutes and have the same function as a basic air filter. These are also available in a cold air variety that feeds the air from behind an air dam or bumper, thus increasing horsepower.

One of those other plugins that is more popular is a custom exhaust. To complement a freer-flowing intake system, a quality exhaust is a must and will help dissipate all burned engine gases efficiently. An aftermarket system will also improve performance figures and give the driver a slight advantage in fuel economy. There are some Borla and Magnaflow exhaust systems that have a bolt kit available that will eliminate the work of welding and having to take your vehicle to a muffler shop. But for a cheaper system, Flowmaster has a wide variety of kits that cost only several hundred dollars and are the most popular. In your search for escape, try to focus on stainless steel kits to help prevent rust for years to come. And most kits come complete with all accessories: muffler (s), pipes, hangers, clamps, bolts, instructions, you can imagine. But best of all, a custom exhaust will give the truck a nice throaty sound that only a muscle car can do.

And finally, another basic add-on is a performance chip. Available from companies like Hypertech and Superchips, a performance chip will re-educate your truck’s computer system to adjust shift points to improve your fuel economy. These chips take very little time to install – less than 15 minutes in most cases – and cost around $ 100 on average in most cars. A more technological accessory is a power programmer, this tool does everything a chip does, but there is more intervention from the driver in the specifications of the vital elements of your engine. You can literally customize your truck computer more completely than just a chip. But beware, these programmers cost more than 3 times the performance chip and are worth every penny.

And so is my short list of performance benefits that anyone can install in one afternoon. Also, these parts will not affect their manufacturer’s warranty. There are other inexpensive performance add-ons like hedders, mass airflow sensors, and transmission shift kits to consider, but they require a bit more work. However, the overall end product will be one of total amazement and satisfaction when you finally turn the key and feel the results.

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