Mark Yarnell – 5 Tactics for You to Earn $100,000 Per Month in Twelve Months or Less

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Who is Mark Yarnell and why should you care?

Mark Yarnell is a superstar in the direct sales industry. Just in case, he is not familiar with Mr. Mark Yarnell. I’m going to update it real quick. Mr. Yarnell is not only the best-selling author of “Your First Year in Network Marketing” and “The Lotus Code,” but he is also an international business leader with over twenty years of active multi-level marketing experience and recently time Mr. Yarnell and his better half Valerie came out of retirement to help others create emergency retirement cash during this down economy when baby boomers who are supposed to retire are running out of cash and are forced to go back to work.

Mark Yarnell is certainly the 100 Grand Man

Mark Yarnell has built a profitable global distribution company of well over 300,000 marketing associates in twenty-one countries and is the first and only Networker to serve as a contributing editor for Success magazine. It is very likely that he would have attended college if he had known that Mark Yarnell along with Dr. Charles King of Harvard University launched the first Multi-Level Marketing certification course taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago, also in Seoul, Korea. since 1993. Mr. Yarnell was named the World’s Best Networker by Upline Magazine, has been inducted into the Direct Selling Hall of Fame, and has founded and supported a wide variety of non-profit organizations.

Understandably, Mark Yarnell is a true advocate for the multi-level marketing industry.

Now that we’ve covered the details, let’s discuss how you can reach $100,000 per month in 1 year or less. Just a couple of days ago I had the privilege of being in a personal webinar with Mark Yarnell and a few other top earners and as always I was taking energetic notes. I’ve been very successful in this business but I haven’t made $100,000 in a thirty day period so far (notice I said “yet”). However, Mark Yarnell has generated hundreds of millions of dollars monthly and Mr. Yarnell was kind enough to lay out what Mr. Yarnell calls “The Strategy for Making $100,000 a Month in a Year or Less” and here he goes on 5 simple steps I prepared for you.

5 Secrets to Make $100,000 a Month in a Year or Substantially Less

1) Core Value Matching – This is tremendously essential. Ask yourself, “Would you bring your mom to your business?” If your answer is “No”, stay as far away from that program as possible. You should always make sure that the morals and standards of your companies are aligned with your morals and standards.

2) Market Section – Contemplate 2 Questions: How big is the market segment? And what kind of competition do you currently have in that sector? Timing and positioning are truly essential.

3) Establishing a competent relationship (2 hours every day, 5 days a week): Mark Yarnell said, “The significant difference between a professional and an amateur is that amateurs don’t get paid.” two-hour phone calls making phone calls and connecting with potential customers online), you’re a newbie.

4) You have to decide if you want to reach $100,000 per month in a 1, 2 or 3 year method:

– 1 Year Strategy: Communicate with thirty people every day about your business (20 day month)

– 2-year strategy: talk to twenty people a day on the phone about your business

– 3-year strategy: Talk to 10 people a day about your business.

“Nothing Less and No Substitutes! The Law of Diminishing Intention”

5) You must gain knowledge on how to recognize landmines and stay away from them. First of all, remember to keep it very simple. “Simplicity is evidence of the most advanced teachings.” -Mark Yarnell

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