Is money everything?

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Money will buy me a house, but not a house, a bed, but not a good night’s sleep..- Zig Ziglar

Is money everything? This was the title of my speech at a central London seminar organized by Find Your Voice. Many professional speakers from all walks of life attended and delivered messages that motivated and empowered people to take control of their lives. I was one of the four speakers and the theme was: “Money makes the world go round.” I would like to share with you the opinions that I expressed at the seminar.

One of the problems with the success literature is that most of the time the word “success” is often interpreted as material success or power. This generally includes the amount of money a person earns or has; the type of car they drive and the size and location of their home. However, we must remind ourselves that true success is not just the definition of Hollywood.

Success is a journey and not a destination. The mistake most people make is aligning money with success. Money is just a medium of exchange and can never be measured next to success.

I believe that success can be divided into eight categories; These are: spiritual, health, family, career and business, financial, self-development / intellectual, personal needs and community. Therefore, it is worth noting that true success is not only when you are financially rich, but when you are rich in all eight categories.

Money can buy you material possessions, but it cannot buy you happiness and peace of mind. Money is used in exchange for other things, but this paper money that we spend (for example, pounds, nairas, dollars, etc.) is not the only money we should have. There is “money” hidden in all of us; the only problem is discovering that we have that “money” inside of us.

Let’s consider this; if one is financially rich and lacks the intellect to make other riches, or is unsuccessful in family life and health, then the person is as good as being poor. Let’s not get too carried away by this mere medium of exchange, money, and stop considering other aspects of life.

I once knew a rich man who, despite his wealth, is in poor health. He died despite the great financial wealth that he had accumulated. Would you say that such a man is rich? Not because? Because he was only wealthy in money, this seemed to be at the expense of his health.

I was at the mansion of one of my mentors, Richie Dayo Johnson, in Netherne-On-the-Hill, Surrey and as we sat in his studio that Sunday night I asked him, “DJ (as I affectionately call him) tell me. that money can and cannot buy. He replied, “Dayo, money can buy you a house, but it can’t buy you a house.” Money can buy you insurance, but not security. Money can buy entertainment, but not happiness. Money can buy you medicine, but it can’t buy you good health. Money can buy you a bed, but it can’t buy you sleep. Money can buy companionship, but not friendship. Money can buy sex, but it can’t buy love. Money is called currency because it is designed to flow through you. Money does not change you; it only reveals who you really are. “

I totally agree with Richie Dayo Johnson. Besides this, I believe that money can buy you many women but it cannot buy you a good wife. You can buy him a good book, but you cannot buy him wisdom and knowledge. He can sponsor you at school, but he can’t buy you intellect. However, the things that money can buy are temporary, but the things that money cannot buy are, most of the time, eternal.

Who are you when you have money and who are you when you don’t? The bottom line is that money doesn’t change you; it simply discovers you. Why not take the time to reflect on the things that money cannot buy? Will it surprise you to realize that money isn’t everything?

Is your spiritual life in order? Are you in good health? Are you in control of your finances? Are you developing intellectually? Are you giving back to society? If you answer YES to all of these questions, then you can safely say that you are thriving and therefore successful.

Now tell me, IS MONEY EVERYTHING? I rest my case.

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