How to naturally improve your libido

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Libido is the term used for the sexual desires of a human being. Both males and females have sexual desires, but their intensities vary with age. The natural way to satisfy your sexual desires is to have sex with your partner. Those who can’t have sex try different things to satisfy their libido. As we get younger, our libido increases and peaks in our 20s. This is why the prime age of having sex for both men and women is considered to be in their 20s. Although females reach maturity earlier in life than males, their female libido is much stronger than the male’s. Apart from biological reasons, the change in libido also depends on external factors like the type of weather, physical location, day or night, etc.

male libido

With the increasing pressures of life, happiness is diminishing in life. Many couples find a decrease in their libido due to extreme work stress. This problem is more common in men than in women. Therefore, men have to rely on supplements to keep their libido intact and satisfy their life partner. Studies have shown that the main reason for loss of libido in men is insufficient flow of nitric oxide in the penis. This prevents the penis from being erect and therefore embarrassing. Nitric oxide is necessary because it helps relax the smooth muscles around the penis, which ultimately results in increased blood flow to the penis.

Some of the medications that can act as libido enhancers by increasing male libido are:

o Argentina: works by increasing the flow of nitric oxide in the penile area.

o Tyrosine: This is a special medication that helps support and help neurotransmitters found in the brain. These transmitters help the brain to stimulate the muscles of the penis.

o Ginseng: is a herbal tonic used as a sexual balancer and toning tonic. The tonic is basically an adaptogen that helps balance your sexual desires.

o Zenerx: all-natural libido enhancer made from different herbs. The sure way to increase your libido.

female libido

Women have a completely different mechanism than men and therefore their libido is also different. A large number of women experience loss of libido, mood swings, nervousness, annoyance, despair, headaches, and weight gain due to deficiency of progesterone, which is an important substance needed for proper thyroid function. This substance is produced naturally in the female ovaries just after the ovulation period and plays an important role in maintaining the intensity of the female libido. It also controls the side effects of estrogen.

Under the influence of dietary estrogens, high stress and menopause, progesterone production is suppressed, resulting in a decrease in natural libido in women. During the pregnancy period, women tend to feel an increase in libido as a change in their body structure affects their sexual urges.
Herbal ways to increase libido are popular due to their low or almost negligible side effects. Some of the most common and effective herbs that can surely increase your desires include Ashwagandha, wild yam, Avena sativa, ginseng, ginkgo, kawa kawa, and maca.

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