How to become a great salesperson

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How to become a great salesperson is not something that can be summed up in a short article, however, I will provide you with 10 valuable tips. There are at least several hundred other elements necessary before the job of being a great sales master is fully accomplished. 10 will get you started, but don’t stop there. The pursuit of excellence should be your constant goal.

1: Have passion: It’s not enough to simply want a great paycheck, Master Salespeople are passionate about helping people achieve their wants and needs. If they do, their own needs will always be met.

2: Know your product offerings: Thanks to the Internet, potential buyers have easy access to product and service specifications. If you don’t know your product offerings better than your customers, you’re dead in the water.

3: Have a presentation plan: Practice, practice, and practice some more on your default value creation presentations. You cannot improvise in presentations if you expect maximum results.

4: Know your competition: You will never be able to successfully sell against a competitor if you don’t understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how your offers can outperform theirs.

5: Under-promise and over-deliver: There is so much hype in today’s market. Master salespeople don’t get sucked into that. They don’t risk their reputation and integrity by making promises they can’t keep. It’s much better to under-promise and then impress your customers by over-delivering.

6: Do more than what your boss expects of you: Sales managers are busy people, they appreciate a little help from time to time, and good managers always reward initiative. Opportunities and promotions go to those who step up.

7: Avoid War Stories: If you’ve had any experience on a sales floor, you’ve heard salespeople tell countless stories about failed deals, bad managers, dishonest customers, the competition, and so on. Usually these stories are told to blame others for their own poor performance. Living in the past and whining has never made anyone a master salesman or a master at anything else.

8: Avoid office politics: Every company has some. It’s all a waste of your emotional energy and will take time away from becoming the best you can be. Master Salespeople rise above the divisiveness of small office politics.

9: Always express gratitude: No one reaches the top of any field of endeavor in life completely alone. Your clients, your managers, your coaches, your family support system all play an important role in any success you achieve. Express your gratitude for that support. That will ensure that you continue to receive it.

10: Always look for ways to do a better job: This means that you can never finish learning. There is absolutely nothing that propels you closer to your goal of being the best you can be than continuous professional development sales training.

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