Houses for sale: tips for staging

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When homes for sale go on the market, the owner expects a quick sale, but sometimes it can take a couple of months before that happens. Even if you have prospective buyers looking at your home, it can still take a while. There are some preparation tips that homeowners can use to help make a sale faster. One of the purposes of home listings is to help buyers feel that their home offers them everything they want in a home. It’s about presentation and preparation with the goal of obtaining a higher market value for your home and selling it faster.

One important thing to remember before potential buyers enter the home is to get rid of clutter and dirt. Make sure things, especially personal things, are packed and put away. This can include family photos, additional books on the tables, etc. You also need to make sure your bathroom and kitchen counters are clean and clutter-free. Clean the stove and refrigerator doors. Dishes should not be left in the dishwasher or on the counter top plate rack. If you have a cat, keep her litter box out of sight – move her to the porch or even the garage. You want the prospective buyer to look at your home and be able to see your things there.

Place furniture away from windows, if possible, so potential buyers can see the windows and go out onto the patio. Make sure windows are clean and streak-free. Make sure the curtains are open to let in natural light. If you have hardwood floors, make sure they are clean. Look at the furniture in the bedrooms and if you can move some to storage, do so. Too much furniture can make rooms appear smaller and cluttered. In the capes and chairs do not overload them with cushions.

Go through your closets and pack out-of-season clothes or clothes that you’re not wearing and put them away as well. When potential buyers are looking for houses for sale, they will want to open cabinets to check the room and see if it is big enough for them so that you want them to be able to do so. You don’t want shoppers to see a cluttered closet. The same goes for kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. If there are lights in the cabinets, make sure they are working.

You should also look at the exterior of your home to make sure the grass is neatly cut and the flower beds are neat and clean.

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