Advantages and disadvantages of using drain cleaners

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Drain cleaners have been a popular choice among homeowners. They have many advantages, but they can also have disadvantages that you may not know about. Below are some pros and cons of using drain cleaners.


– Commercial cleaners can be used by anyone. It is an easy process and does not require disassembling the sink. You simply unscrew the cap, so the plunger goes down the sink, and you’re good to go.

– Will not damage your pipes. There will be no scratches or metal going down the pipes. They work by using a chemical reaction to unclog clogged dirt.

– No training required. Most of them are already made, so you don’t have to be a plumber to use them. You don’t need to call in any professional equipment and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use them.


– They could possibly have contaminants in them. As much as you trust the manufacturer, they probably won’t advertise if it contains any harmful chemicals. The only way you could really tell is by personally researching each ingredient in the cleanser.

– Cleaners will attack all possible clogging substances. It will take time to attack all possible substances in the pipe. You may have a drain problem, but your cleaner won’t know the difference.

– A liquid cleaner will leave a residue when used. Eventually that residue could continue to build up and then end up causing the clogging problem. Liquid cleaners do not do the same kind of cleaning job that cleaning rods and brushes do.

Drain cleaners are a popular choice due to their convenience and ability to clear minor plumbing clogs. While there are some drawbacks, drain cleaners have been very successful. Decide for yourself whether you would like to use them or not.

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